Monday, May 4, 2009

TEDDY BOYS street trend
The British Teddy Boys were strongly linked to American rock and roll. This subculture made it okay to care about one's appearance for the sake of caring about one's appearance, and was also enhanced by Saville Row's introduction of Edwardian detailing.  Below are images of the Teddy Boys style as seen both on the street and the runway.

Teddy Boys on the street

Teddy Boys, 1962 (sixtiescity)

Teddy Boys at a Southend wedding, 1975 (teddyboycollared .com)

Teddy Boys on the Runway

Givenchy Spring 2001

Givenchy Spring 2001

It was said that Alexander McQueen was inspired by the Teddy Boys for his Spring 2001 collection for Givenchy. The looks speak for themselves.

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